Monday, February 27, 2012

'ello govna!

'Ello from London!!!

snow when I got here!
I am now officially moved into a little flat (apartment) in Wimbledon with my husband---such a flood of emotions and transition! I had a dream last night that my husband had to go on another deployment but then I woke up and remembered he's not in the army anymore!! Yippee!!

We are living in a fantastic area, but can only stay in this flat until September---then onto another place....hopefully close by.

view from our living room window
I can't start subbing yet until I have 3 proofs of address-weird. It is not actually so easy to get that because our utilities are tied to the landlord, so I am trying to make the most of this time off--getting stuff for our apartment, creating teaching documents, cooking, and getting ready for our families to come over for our "wedding celebration" as they were not there for our first, legal ceremony. 7 people from South Africa and 4 people from Arizona are coming in 5 weeks! To those that answered before, I think my family and I are going to Scotland for a few days (I really wanted to take them to Amsterdam, but there's not enough time).

Ok, onto some favorite websites, a freebie and the unveiling of my precious Short Vowel Pack I've been working on!!

First, here's one of my favorite British websites for printables: ................print labels, signs, cards, games-it's great!

I have used this next British website many times during science, and all the kids love it: science experiments, learn vocabulary, etc.

Here is my freebie from my K-2 Short Vowel Pack.......these resources are designed to be completed into a Literacy Portfolio/Journal or a Learning Centers Notebook during centers (or could be laminated for centers):

 Grab the freebie here!

 Here's what it looks like in a kinder literacy portfolio/journal:

 How do I add that pin it button I see everywhere? I think I made a huge mistake of pinning my own stuff from my blog and pinterest has now kicked my stuff out of the search engine (I think it was considered self-promoting, oops)........let me know if you know about these pinterest rules--thanks : )

Head over to my TPT store for the pack of 67 pages of Short Vowel resources for K-2 journals!

Can't wait to catch up on all your blogs now! Hope you are doing well!


Some more British pics if you're interested!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hi everyone!!!

I am cleaning out my files on my USB(s) and I came across my schedule signs. I think having a schedule up in the room is so important, don't you?

There are more when you download it--hop over to my NEW TPT store and get it for FREE! Tried to have different signs in case you call it "Writing" or "Literacy" etc.

I hope to get more personal and get to know more people in this wonderful blogger world, but I have so much on my mind I don't feel up to chatting really. I got my passport back with my visa yesterday (YAY!) so I am flying (I mean moving) to my sweetie next week! But I am nervous about my goodbyes. So right now I just alternate packing with putting up documents. Hope to interact a bit better in the future : )