Wednesday, March 27, 2013

almost there. exhausted teachers?


Conferences over.

Open morning over.

Spring concert over.

Field trip last week over.

I am dead on my feet. Has anyone else felt like that recently?

Tomorrow is our last day of term, then 3 1/2 weeks off. Hooray!

My husband and I will be going to South Africa to visit his I hope to blog more frequently when we get back.

Happy spring everyone.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Word Problems for JOURNALS!

Hello!! So loving this song-click and listen to 30 seconds of it!

How was your week? Mine was GREAT! My heart feels like this right now:

I am feeling more settled than ever, into this city, being a wife, building friendships, my place in our church (how best to serve), and now a JOB!

It has been confirmed officially that I will finish out the school year and continue on in September!! I got to tell my students on Friday and their reaction was the sweetest thing ever and a priceless moment. 

This job has really touched me more than any other year, perhaps because it's a job that has stretched me so out of my comfort zone! God always has a plan and handing control over to him is always the best way.

In other news, here is my latest journal resource: word problems for 1st and 2nd Grade!! I worked a little bit about once a week for ages, and I hope it will save you time and paper. The word problems cover measurement, money, addition, subtraction etc. 

 Moving along, have you been to Mrs. Terhune's blog? She has got so many organizational ideas and anchor charts-I'm really loving her pictures!

 I'm a bit all over the place, but the next thing on my mind is our field trip tomorrow to Hampton Court Palace! With our studies on the Tudors and Stuarts, I know we'll learn even more about Henry VIII. Wish me luck (field trips always stress me out)!

Tell me about your week!!
Kelli xx 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spelling ideas please?!

Hello!! I'm looking for some spelling ideas for my school. I *think* I may be able to change the current spelling program (they get spelling words based on a spelling rule, they have to write the words in sentences, spelling test on Friday, they forget the words by know what I mean), so I'm super excited to change this!!

Some of the books I'm looking to order:
Any thoughts? Have you read any of these? I'm especially interested in ideas for my older students (age 9-11).

Thank you!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

100th post!!!!!

Wow! I can't believe I've posted 100 times! (well my last post was actually the 100th, but it was a test post because I was having problems)....anyway! Thanks to those of you that stop by-I don't post as often as other bloggers do, but thankfully you continue to come by and see what I've got to say!

So, before I fall into bed, here are 5 things that are on my mind these days:

1)  My husband and I went on a date Saturday night to see this. It wasn't The Notebook, but I still really liked it. It made me feel so girly and romantic. I grabbed my sweetie a little closer to me the rest of the night. Must do more dates!

 2) My job has been extended to the end of the year (July) and *should* be mine in September!! I've got so  much freedom at this mind is thinking about a million things I'd love to do!


3) Cape Town, South Africa!!
My husband and I are going to spend time with his family there in a couple weeks (over Easter holiday)...can't wait for some sunshine!!!!


4) Help me come up with a title for my friend's blog! She is a British uppergrade teacher with some great resources (video, notebooks, etc)...I've introduced her to the blogging world-help us out with a name!!!

5) I am so grateful for this man. He treats me so well and is so helpful, supportive and loving. So happy.

Have a good one!

Sunday, March 3, 2013 this showing up?

Hello, just testing to see if this is showing up in your blog reading list. I've had some problems with it the last couple days.

Can you leave me a quick message if it showed up?

Many Thanks,
K xx