Monday, January 28, 2013

E is for Explore!

E is for Explore!

I LOVE this blog!! Great ideas, great pictures-you must check it out!!! Erin has gathered all kinds of ideas for education.

As I just finished my time unit, I really like this post of hers:

I would give students a clock to fold in quarters and glue into a math journal and write about it!
And this one!

Have a great Monday!!

Kelli xx

Sunday, January 27, 2013

time printables for journals!

Hello!! Hope you're having a nice weekend!

I've still got a million things to do, so this is a short one. I have finished my time unit for 1st/2nd grade math journals!!! So happy with this one! Let me know if you use it with your students!

It is aligned with the Common Core, and practices telling time to the hour all the way to 5 minutes (differentiate!)

Kelli xx

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Peek in my room!

Is it Friday yet?? I'm exhausted! Happy and productive week, but I need to go bed earlier. Why am I such a night owl?!

Here's some pictures to describe life this week!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Enthusiasm pulls the switch

I hope you're having a good week.

My second term at this wonderful school is off to an awesome start! So happy! And sinus problems are gone!

Here's what I wanted to share:

1) My Year 5 class finished this book today

Malorie Blackman is a popular author here in the UK. 

Her books are fantastic for older students. Let's put it this way: when we finished the book today (I read the last chapter aloud to the class), they all clapped, cheered and gave each other high fives and hugs!?!?

I have only seen kindergarteners clap after a book before. Love.

2) What do you think is your greatest teaching asset?
I know it may feel like boasting, but I say let's figure it out and run with it.

I like to think that I make up for other shortcomings with my enthusiasm.

So when I'm feeling unsure of my knowledge of British history as I discuss this family,

sure we've heard of the Tudors...but who are the Stuarts??
 I hope my enthusiasm is contagious.

3) I LOVE my new shirt.

That is all.

4) So pretty.

5) I know some days are better than others, but I hope you have more good days than bad.

Kelli xx

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday (late)

Hi!! It's not really Wednesday, and not entirely wordless...anyway, isn't it nice to see what our kids are thinking?

First time doing OLW with students-loved it! Thanks Tammy.

Kelli xx 

Monday, January 7, 2013

How was your first day back?

Well, 2 alarm clocks and the morning that came very early...but it was a great day back! I was so excited to see my students! Super tired now though.

How are you doing? Is it really dark in the morning where you are? It's dark in the morning and dark by about 4:30 in the afternoon!

A word of a warning-my USB with all my lesson plans for my current school got a virus and I could not retrieve my lesson plans! Make sure you back your stuff up on Dropbox or something! I have medium term plans to cut and paste from, but I still had to do some over again...could've been worse, but lesson learned!

Here are some pictures from Christmas day with friends and a few days in the country with a friend.

Happy New Year everyone!
Kelli xx