Monday, July 23, 2012

Common Core FREEBIE for journals!

After seeing some great money activities in a classroom a couple weeks ago (as seen here), I decided to organize some of my files and put together a 2nd Grade resource of money printables for journals.

One of the activities that I saw looked a little like this:

Students pick 2 cards and record an addition/subtraction equation in their journal/portfolio. They had these cute little coin purses with money to help them! They also had number lines.

Anyway.......I found the Common Core to have a lot of money concepts, so I have Part 1 ready. I got the AMAZING money graphics from The 3AM Teacher...check her out!! She's awesome!

Here are some samples:

This resource is FREE until the weekend!!! 
Could you please 'pin' it if you like it? Many thanks!

Have a great day!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Common Core: teaching money

Hello!!!! I feel like I've been gone forever!!

Busy time as we've been flat/apartment hunting as we need to move out soon! School year was finishing up and I've been working on some documents, cooking and reading books that I will be teaching in September!

I promise to have a proper post in a couple days, but here is a little preview.......I have been inspired by some money ideas I came across in a kindergarten (year 1) classroom here. And the Olympics! It's nearly here!! I also added a page about moving abroad which you can read here, if you want : )

playing store
sorting money
this was in a fourth grade classroom-reflecting on their work : )

the actual Olympic torch! More on this later!!
 Have I missed something, or does teaching money begin in second grade now with Common Core? Thoughts?

Monday, July 9, 2012

WINNERS and a job!!

I was going to put the names in a hat and draw 1 out (couldn't figure out rafflecopter thing!), but then decided to give these resources to the 3 teachers that actually mentioned my giveaway on their thank you to:

Erica at Sprinkles to Kindergarten
Patti at Primary Pizzazz
Janine at Faithful in First

I will email you the resources! 


I have been MIA this past week with friends visiting from overseas, and can I just ask.....have you ever cooked for vegan guests? That is not easy!

Anyway, it was great to see them and we had a lovely time. We will see them in September for their true Scottish wedding with kilts and all!

 Click here for black bean and sweet potato wrap recipe
 Here for healthiest and tastiest granola I've ever had!
 Here for my favorite oatmeal-pumpkin cookies (I half the sugar, add ground flaxseed, add walnuts and dried cranberries, and use butternut squash instead of tinned pumpkin...and it's not truly 'vegan' since there's an egg)
 Here for the saucy chickpeas with spinach


Next, I GOT A JOB!! 

Well, it's a maternity cover for two-thirds of the year (Sept-April), but I'll take it! You have to apply and interview for long term sub jobs here (very different from back home in the States).......which was a full-on interview! I had to prepare a very specific lesson, teach it to a class of students I'd never met before while I was observed, and then go to an interview afterwards with the principal and members of the board.

The job is at a small independent school, and my role is 'Key Stage 2 English Teacher'. I will be teaching Literacy, Geography, and History to Year 5 and 6 (fourth and fifth grade....there is only 1 class in each grade level). I will not be teaching math. I will not be teaching science. I will not be teaching P.E, music, foreign language, etc because they have specialists for all that!!! I'm so excited to focus on literacy in the upper grades. I have been wanting to expand my career into uppergrade and am so happy I have the chance at this amazing school! 

Everyone is really nice there and last week I observed a lesson and it was SUPER quality teaching! And the class size was 14??!!

I'm off to bed.....hope you're enjoying your summer!

Kelli xx

Thanks to everyone for your kind words about my giveaway last week : )

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Defeated : (

So I tried to do my first giveaway and sale.

While I appreciate the 10 people that stopped by my blog, I am so confused and heartbroken that more people did not stop by.

When other people have giveaways and sales, they get 75, 90, 200, or more people leaving comments. What am I doing wrong?

Always wanting to learn from experiences, I am open to advice.

Does my blog even come up in your 'reader'?

Are my K-2 journal packs understandable? Perhaps I should group them one grade level at a time? I put the packs together for K-2 so teachers have a range of resources for differentiating. 

Many thanks to your insight on my [failed] giveaway.

If you did stop by my blog for the giveaway, I will post the winner in my next {cheerful} post.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July Giveaway & Sale!!!

click on picture to go to my TPT store!!

Hello!! Please help! It's my first giveaway and sale!! To the person chosen at random, you may have all of my K-2 Journal Printables! Winner will be chosen sometime on the 4th!
Everyone else, my 4th of July Sale has 20% off everything in my store! Sale ends July 5th.

I hope this goes well....I would be so sad if no one signed up.

All I would like you to do is:
1) Mention my giveaway in a blog post (maybe with a link to me? pretty please)
2) Leave a comment about your thoughts on journals/notebooks in K-2 classrooms and tell me you mentioned my giveaway on you blog (and email address in case you win...I think that's how these things work?)
THANKS!!  Kelli

My Geometry printables are just finished!! 77 pages!!