Sunday, August 28, 2011

Favorite Picture Books

As my mom and I were sifting through our large collection of teaching materials for a Teacher Garage Sale several weeks ago, I discovered I was having a very hard time giving up the picture books.

The reason for the sale was because my mom has a lot of teaching materials.  She is now retired.  I am moving abroad again soon, and cannot take too much with me.  What I decided to keep is for another blog.

But the picture books.

Maybe because so many of them hold childhood memories for me.....many of the books were gifts from family members, or had my name written on the inside cover in my 7 year old writing. 

I haven't counted how many picture books I kept. I'll worry about that later.

A sampling of some of the (mostly) picture books I kept:


Anonymous said...

i feel safe commenting on this one since it's not too personal...

i remember some of those from the classroom. some of the first books my son was introduced to in a non-mom way. haha, chicka chicka boom boom! lol. he used to come home saying the words to that one.