Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Math Portfolio Ideas: September 2011


Write, order and count numbers

place value


Ways to make a dollar

Domino addition

Make a pattern with stickers

from Investigations: attributes of a shape

from Investigations (first grade): solving word problems

from Investigations: subtracting with dice

adapted from Investigations: polling question

from Investigations: adding in different order with dice

from Investigations: next number

from Investigations: comparing names for shorter/longer

from Investigations (math)

Graphic Organizer: place value

Dominos: what comes next

Rewriting vertically

Difference: notes....odd/even notes, examples
Counting on

Before and after: create specific numbers for indiv students

Congruent figures: taking notes, indep examples

Fact Families: notes and practice

Kdg number concept

Graphic Organizer: Coins


And don't FORGET- have students turn in books so that you can quickly look at them after school!

books open to page where activity was completed: teacher can date and
write notes (completed indep, with help, etc)

Thank you to everyone who shared their portfolio ideas with me! Please email me with questions or pictures of the portfolios from your class! Coming soon: literacy ideas for K-1......enjoy : )