Saturday, March 15, 2014

March travel and more notebook ideas (of course!)

Well 6 weeks on, here I am again. I've seen a lot of amazing things going on in classrooms around the world...I LOVE YOUR BLOGS EVERYONE!

My life at the moment can be summed up in 4 words: Bible, Dates, Yoga, Library.

This is all I have time for these days. The classroom libraries are done for now though! I updated the libraries (labeled book baskets and all) for Year 3, 4, and 6! I am so excited to see if this help kids to find the books they want and read even more!

As for dates, the latest one (Christmas present this year: 1 meaningful date each month) was a visit to Brighton last weekend!

Here are some notebook ideas for those that do that sort of thing!

I'd imagine that many of you are spring break? I will be on Easter holidays in just over 2 weeks!! The only sad thing is that means only 1 term left with my Year 6's which makes me want to cry. I can't believe they will be leaving to go to secondary school : (   
I still love looping, apart from the fact that I feel more attached.

Have a good one!