Saturday, April 12, 2014


Oops, a day late.

Hope you're happy and healthy today! I'm enjoying my Easter break. Love it!

Here are some book review forms I created for 3-5th grade at our school. I have a few other options too, just have to round them up. I make a bunch of copies of them and  put them in the folder on the bulletin  board for our Reading Challenge. Maybe you can use them!


Victoria said...

Hi, Kelli! :) I am impressed with your weblog and like these printables a lot! This evening, I showcased your weblog with eleven other resources at my weblog:: Thank you so much! :)

Laura said...

Kelli! Oh how I've missed you...I'm in the hunt for a new job and wanted to reach out to you. I'm serious this time around, I'm ready to leave for real. :) I tried to find you on FB but you're not there. Please send me an email. Laura (from grad class)