Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tara.Guided Rdg.Love

A few more weeks and I'm on summer break!! I should be grading our Big Writing, but I have to blog about this blog post I just read. Literally just came across it and had to talk about it in here.

This post is about Guided Reading/Intervention Groups and that pertains to me as next year I am starting up Intervention Groups up at my school!! I will mainly be teaching English (Year 5 & 6), Guided Reading, and then the Intervention Groups!!! What a schedule! So excited!

It might sound bizarre that we don't have that already, but with small class sizes at this school (12-16 chn per class), it hasn't really been a priority. I, however, have seen some children falling through the cracks and am so happy to get this started!!

Anyway...the post. Tara at Little Minds at Work. Check this post out. There's nothing I can say. Just read it if you teach guided reading or intervention to little guys.

I am so going to print off her pictures so I can refer to them when I'm planning. Go check out her post!!

Have a great day!