Friday, September 15, 2017

I'm back-----are you still here?!

Wow! It's been three years! If you are still with me, I am so glad!

So I stopped blogging in 2014 for a couple reasons. Firstly, things became quite difficult at work.  Secondly I wasn't sure what my focus/aim/direction was with the blog. I wasn't exactly sure how to blog, how to connect with other bloggers, work out social media, etc.

So after a couple years, I've decided to refocus my blog/website/instagram, etc on an area of teaching that first captured my attention in 2005: exercise books (also known as) INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS. This concept is something I am extremely passionate about, and it seems that interactive notebooks are a lot more commonplace in American classrooms now. However, I have had countless conversations with teachers over the years and I have gathered that teachers need ideas and resources.

I am hoping this space will support teachers that are new to interactive notebooks and help them to understand this approach to data collection. I have been fortunate to see interactive notebooks in action in England and Australia over the past decade and I want to share it with as many people as possible!

Please follow my Instagram and make your life easier with notebooking!

All the best,
Kelli x