Friday, March 30, 2012

Nouns/Verbs FREEBIE and some England pics!

E*N*G*L*A*N*D in pictures!!!

Yesterday was another gorgeous day here in London!! This March has been unbelievable (especially for a girl from the desert!)

Yesterday was a REALLY good day for me because  got lots of things done!!  My family arrives Tuesday so I want everything DONE so we can enjoy our time together!

This will probably be the last post for 2 weeks or more, so this is a long one.......look for the freebie at the end!

My favorite flowers at the moment!

Doors, a church, and famous double-decker bus!

A school, a pub, an Italian market

a cute little gate and a footpath

love the glass jars with flowers AND dresses with white shoes! Love it all!

Checking out the wedding venue on Monday!
I mean, checked last minute details and then spent most of the time figuring out who could jump the highest! I love him.

le Rey jumped a million times, but I could not snap the pictures at the right time! Still fun though!

- -{FREEBIE!}- -
click here!

I mentioned before that I'm working on a nouns/verbs pack for journals/notebooks/ will still be a little while before I can finish this....... so I'd like to give you a sample! I hope you like it! Can you please comment/rate in my TPT store, or become a follower of my TPT store if you find it useful? Thanks!

Here's what it look like in a journal (8 1/2 x 12 size, roughly)

Many of these lessons can be used with books from your library, 
when students are 'hunting' for nouns or verbs.

heading with definition and examples
student writes in definition and examples
sorting nouns/verbs from word bank instead of book
noun/verb picture sort in simple graphic organizer style
 here is the link one more time!! 

Have a good one!!



Tammy said...

I love your pictures, and who doesn't love European doors? They're all lovely. Have fun with your family. It looks like a beautiful site!

❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Sandra said...

It looks beautiful!!! :)
The jumping looks fun!
Thanks for the freebie!

❤ Sandra
Sweet Times in First

Miss Squirrels said...

So exciting- your photography skills are awesome!!!

Going Nutty!

travelingteacher said...

wow thanks--you all made my day!