Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A New Job! *she says sarcastically*

This post is not really about teaching. But I hope you find it interesting!

proof that I met my husband on a backpacking trip!

MY NEW JOB.......you can read about here (I really didn't want to write it all out again).

Can I share what I've been up to? I think this will do some good for me because as I was taking the pictures, I realized that I am making progress! I wish I was blogging more and creating teaching materials (I have sooooo many ideas that I haven't transferred to documents!!), but I have other things that must come first.

To catch you up to speed (as I am MIA more than I am present):

1) I moved to England about 5 weeks ago to join my now husband
2) Because of the international issues and our families residing in South Africa and America, we are having our actual wedding here in London in about 3 1/2 weeks (ek....that's the first time I've typed that! that's coming up quick!) even though we are actually legally married.
3) I am working on everything needed to host/welcome our families here (they're coming in about 2 weeks)....welcome baskets, accommodation, side trips, food........
4) I am trying to make this wedding as DIY as I can (photo displays, candy bar, fun facts, invitations, flower centerpieces, music...........
5) I am adding finishing touches to our flat/apartment (frames, baskets, pillows, etc)
6) I am doing all of the above without a car and my husband works loooong days and I am too proud to ask for help (not a good thing I know).
7) Cooking, as mentioned in new job. And working out to fit in wedding dress.
8) England has got a lot of hoops this time around for me getting teaching jobs here. This is probably best since my plate is full.

So here are some pictures! There never seems to be enough time!

these baskets organize everything for us-from cards to receipts to travel books

I do love jars as vases!
love this old vintage Australia map I found when I was living there
jars for our candy bar at the wedding

collecting diff size frames, postcards & pics for a wall display. still need large frames.
found this in a journal I made for le Rey for Afghan.
the start of welcome baskets for families for wedding-umbrella, maps, etc!
ready for house guests!
hoping to make these pinwheels out of old maps to hang next to the australia map

OK, more to come........I hope to get to a shop today called Hobby Craft. Hoping it's similiar to Hobby Lobby, Michel's or Jo-Ann's!

Oh and I forgot to say that yesterday I got a UK tax refund from when I worked here 5 years ago!! How unexpected and couldn't come at a better time! yay!!!!!!!! le Rey and I celebrated with sticky toffee pudding.of course.


Here's a preview of a Nouns/Verbs for Journals pack I'm working on:


Ms. Chrissy B said...

The pinwheels are cool - good luck with those.

It sounds like you have a full plate, but it's an exciting time! I spent about a month in London (actually Guildford, outside of London) about four years ago. It was one of the best trips of my life - I absolutely loved it. We walked everywhere, or took the train or underground. We had enough time to wander aimlessly. It was wonderful. I hope you enjoy your new life there! :)
Buzzing with Ms. B

travelingteacher said...

thanks--I am enjoying it to a certain extent. I am super happy that it's starting to warm up, and I will be very happy when the wedding decorations, rsvp stuff, etc is all sorted and normal life can take place!