Sunday, May 27, 2012

British classrooms #1

Into the classrooms last week and this week! Behind with the blogging because I come home and work on looking for jobs or filling out applications : (

Anyway, here are some pictures from a day working in a nursery class (3 & 4 yr olds, I call it Preschool 1).......most children can write their name and know the basic 26 sounds! Crazy.

It was a nice day, but I found the time to go by so   s l o w l y  as I helped children paint, etc. It was developmentally appropriate and all, but it reminded me of when I worked at a daycare back in the day. But it's good to have experiences.

lots of rainy days ya know!

a whole lot going on in this preschool room!

3 little pigs construction, etc (they made a house in their outside play area)
 I LOVE the journeys to school (when it's not raining)!  It is so different from being in my car so much as I did back in Arizona.  There is something so amazing to me that I can walk, take a bus/tram/train to get to work and be outside more. People find that strange here, but I love public transport!!

cricket in the park after school---have you ever seen a cricket match??

I will never tire of enjoying the color of the doors, ha!

This week I assisted in a reception class (I call it Preschool 2), it has 4 & 5 yr olds, it's all day, is mandatory in this country, and free unless it's a private school.....don't you wish we had free, mandatory preschool in America?

So this job was for most of the week, Tuesday-Friday. And it was at a private school, the first one I've worked at in England. The families pay £10,000 a year!! This school just has nursery, reception and Year 1 (kindergarten). Imagine paying £10,000 each year starting from when the child is 3 years old??!! A lot of money! So I thought this school would be flawless, super meticulous,etc. right?

On that note, I think I will leave you hanging as this post has become quite long!! I will do another post later in the week with photos from the school and a freebie!!

Hope the end of your school year is near/already here!!



Tammy said...

I love seeing what you're up to over there. They seriously know their letters? Sweet. All your pictures are great. I love all the boots. That picture of the classroom is literacy-rich! Our fire marshals would throw a fit. :) I'm looking forward to hearing more!
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

julie said...

While I would NEVER wish for mandatory preschool in the U.S. (we're homeschoolers, so the idea strikes horror into my heart), I'm disappointed for you that you're having such a hard time finding employment. I, too, am curious about others' experiences--I've always thought that those in the education and medical fields were the most employable. There's not much out there for graphic designers, either!