Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm back!! And it's my 50th post! And I'm almost to 100 followers!

Wow, I've been gone forever it seems!!!!

My official London wedding went great!! Exceeded my expectations. Don't know what I was worrying about. Still waiting for the pictures from the photographer, but here is a picture or 2. A full post on it is also here.

I have just started catching up on everyone's blogs. I feel so out of it. Our families left about 2 weeks ago, and a friend from Australia left this week.

So now.

The job hunt has started.


The good news: the UK government changed the rule about not recognizing teaching qualifications for teachers from AU, NZ, Canada and the US!!!! So I am now seen as QUALIFIED!!!! This opens so many doors now! Can you believe that my Bachelors and Masters degree was nothing until this rule changed? I know.

But onto trying to get a job here.

I don't know if you know how it goes here in England when one wants to get a teaching job.  Maybe this is how it is in your state, and Arizona is just super relaxed. But I'm getting ahead of myself.


1. Look up on a website for job vacancies (not organized in school districts like I'm used to).
2. Call up schools to come 'round for a tour and chat. (this takes so long since I'm on public transport and don't always know where these schools are).
3. Get an application PACK and submit it later to school, along with a 2 page personal statement about how you are exactly what they're looking for, according to their Teacher Spec sheet from application pack (it's all very formal here in England.......formal and cold).
4. Maybe, maybe you will get shortlisted to come in for an interview.
5. If you come in for an interview, the interview consists of a formal lesson with an unknown class or classes while Head Teacher and others (possibly governing board as well) watch.  Some of the schools said online that the interview would take ALL DAY. Some said you have to give a presentation ALSO. Then comes the question and answers.
6.Be careful you don't get used during this "lesson as your interview" situation. I had to do a P.E. lesson (not trying to get a PE job, but state schools don't have specialist teachers so you have to teach everything)........anyway PE lesson, tennis with kindergarten. How did I get myself into this is exactly what I thinking. But guess what? No one came to watch me until the very end. And then I discovered they weren't really looking for a teacher. They were looking for a substitute teacher for part of the day. For free. Super.
7. I forgot how formal and scary and hard it is to get a job here (it's been several years since I was here).
8. I hate that no one here really knows me, and doesn't know how hard I work and how much I care!
9. Good luck to me!

how about I get paid to do this instead?

I am tired just thinking about this whole process!! 
I also have another theory on why this is all so intimidating for me. I'll try and make it quick.

Often times when I go to the schools for interviews (or when I did the last time I lived here), they immediately seem disappointed that I'm American.

"Oh where are you from?"  I detect a hopeful look that I might be from Canada, a country that in the top 5 for student achievement.

"Phoenix, Arizona from the States," I say softly.


If you're confused, I have said in past posts (or when I was writing 'notes' on facebook before blogging), I have learned that Americans are not popular. Anywhere I go. England, Australia, France etc. I hear weekly, if not daily, negative comments about Americans. In passing, on the TV, at church, in conversations, in staff rooms, everywhere. I don't disagree with all of it, but I can see that my nationality precedes me when I walk into a room. But I try to defy the myth that I carry a gun, eat fast food 3 times a day, am arrogant, and can't find England on a map. But I'm getting off topic here. 


 OK, all of that aside, things are going really well! The wedding was a success, I had a great time with my family, and I am enjoying being married tremendously. I really love it and am so happy after all our time apart, the deployments, the waiting.......yay! Together and happy!


SO tell me! Is it this formal and tough to get a job where you live? Or perhaps I'm being a baby.

Oh and here is my latest printables pack for K-2 notebooks! Maybe when I get to 100 followers I will do something fun! I always read that in other people's blogs : ) Now it will be my turn! What should I do? Can you do me a favor and get some of your friends over here?! I'm 5 away from 100!!

A few samples:

Have a good one!!


travelingteacher said...
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travelingteacher said...
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Ms. Kerri said...

Good luck with the job hunt. It sounds a little overwhelming to me. Thanks for coming by and checking me out. Your wedding pics look beautiful. I'm now following you too. So hopefully you are even closer to 100.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

Liz Langhoff said...

And I thought job searching here was hard! Wow! Good luck!

Miss Willis said...

You looked just beautiful...congratulations! Best wishes in the job hunt.

-Jen@ the go to teacher

travelingteacher said...

thanks everyone!!! You are all so sweet!