Sunday, July 22, 2012

Common Core: teaching money

Hello!!!! I feel like I've been gone forever!!

Busy time as we've been flat/apartment hunting as we need to move out soon! School year was finishing up and I've been working on some documents, cooking and reading books that I will be teaching in September!

I promise to have a proper post in a couple days, but here is a little preview.......I have been inspired by some money ideas I came across in a kindergarten (year 1) classroom here. And the Olympics! It's nearly here!! I also added a page about moving abroad which you can read here, if you want : )

playing store
sorting money
this was in a fourth grade classroom-reflecting on their work : )

the actual Olympic torch! More on this later!!
 Have I missed something, or does teaching money begin in second grade now with Common Core? Thoughts?


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Thank you for your comment!! You're too sweet. Enjoy your summer :)


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Hi Miss Dennis! I emailed you now, hope you got it : )

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