Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Big Writing Programme & some anchor charts


The countdown is on. Just finished conferences, I've got a class trip Friday, carol service next week, staff Christmas party and then we're on a plane to go home for Christmas on the 15th! Can't wait!

So what have you been up to? 

Have you been Christmas baking and enjoying Christmas-y things? I'm jealous.

I can't wait to wear my polka-dot pajamas and watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with a hot chocolate and not think about school.at.all.


Look at this stamp that we use to mark English. Love it! This stamp helps focus my feedback:

I got it here in the UK, but I'm sure they make something similar elsewhere. Totally worth it.

Individual target cards guide me so I know what goals the students are working towards.

Our school does Ros Wilson's Big Writing programme. All week the children do a variety of activities that lead up their 'Big Writing' session at the end of the week. On that day, they have a double English session-the first session (1 hour) is a summary/overview of things learned that week, with the last 10-15 minutes for planning their Big Write (a set writing task). Then they have recess, and when they come back, the lights are low, classical music is playing, there are little fairy lights, they have their Target card, plan and paper....and they have sustained writing for 45 minutes.

There are some kinks that I'm working out (trying to get more 'free' writing in, and add in the actual writing process to get to an occasional final copy)...but really this runs alongside the style of exams in this country and all in all, it does seem to highlight needs while also giving students a focus when writing.

Sorry, that went on a lot longer than I thought. How about some random pictures?  These are some anchor charts (perfect size-about 11 x 17 paper) that the children and I brainstormed together over the past couple weeks/months.

Bit of a photo dump.

To bed now.

How are you? Would love to hear from you!