Monday, November 28, 2011

Measuring Table

I did a measuring activity in a kindergarten class the other day. It was part of the Investigations curriculum, if you're familiar with that. The lovely thing about this program is the marriage of hands-on manipulative play with the transferring and recording into a math journal/portfolio.

Set up:
Students glued title (Longer than, Shorter than) into math journal. Students drew line down center of page.

(adapt to your own lessons).....Several specific items were placed on a table (items that are in the clipart I give the students, as drawing and labeling items can be a struggle for young kinders). Students made a tower of 10 cubes as their measuring resource. After they measured their item, they glued in the corresponding clipart picture under the correct heading of their column.

This particular activity needed to be done in small groups so that I could help the students, and so that there were enough items to go around.

Get copy of titles here
Get copy of pictures here


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