Saturday, November 26, 2011

skip the fill-in-the-blank and encourage more writing!

Often times, it's hard to get away from worksheets. Sometimes schools or districts mandate that you use a certain number/all of given curriculum series to prove "fidelity to the core" (glad I haven't worked at places like that!) or you're not sure how else students could practice the specific concept.

I like to take worksheets and cut parts of it to encourage more seen in the pictures below. I put a worksheet on the document camera/overhead to give students sentence frames (or at their table if they need it).

I try to avoid fill in the blank (different from cloze activities which I know are powerful and helpful), as I saw that this was almost never done in England or Australia and students there wrote a LOT more (yes, this is a bit of a generalization). 


worksheets source: Harcourt Storytown

Any thoughts on worksheets in the classrooms???


Holly said...

I just found you on Kristin's blog (Teeny Tiny...) blogging just takes some getting used to - you'll get there. I'm still new at it myself (about two months now)...but man, am I addicted!!!! Good luck and I look forward to reading yours!

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Kristin said...

Hi! I love that Holly beat me to this. :)
It does take some time and I've found that the more often you blog, the more people will come back. The best way to connect with other bloggers is by leaving comments. Keep leaving comments and pretty soon, that blogger is going to get to know you. Also, always leave a link back to your blog. I know that when I get a comment from someone I don't know, I always check out their blog and become their newest follower. That's how I started following you! :)
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Hadar said...

Hi Kelli! Super cute blog! The first step is an eye catching blog which you've got! The way to connect with others is to comment, comment, comment! You can see this tutorial that Kristen made to help you add a direct link to your comments so that people will stop by. Also, be sure to add lots of pictures. I find that people are very visual and sometimes just scroll through pictures rather than reading (guilty!), unless of course it's that Kristin's (/\ /\ /\) blog and then you will want to read it all! Be sure that you've read all of terms of use for sites that you are using their materials to share before you post them. It can be an innocent mistake that can cost you big time! Once you've read through the TOUs, you can visit my tutorial on how to embed a document onto your blog. It's important to make sure it's in PDF form so that your document stays true to form and so that no one can take graphics, or switch it around and steal your idea! We all start out slow! {Trust me, I was super excited about 10 followers a year ago!} Keep at it!

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