Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! Where have I been? I feel so behind in blogland!

I've been filling myself with as many vitamins and supplements as possible for my chronic SINITIS (anyone else suffer from this?) is a list infact:

-pantothenic acid (fancy multivitamin I think)
-vitamin C
-echinacea goldenseal
-nettle leaf
-daily allergy pill

I take all twice a day.  But I shouldn't complain coz I can breathe again!!

The good news is that it seems to have helped, as I've been hiking a ton this week, and back to yoga 4 times this week!!! YAY!!!

Since I'm making lists, here is the list I made before I decided to get carried away and organize my K-2 geometry resources for math journals:

1) wedding stuff (there's so much.......don't know where to begin......too stressful!)
2) clean out my room
3) cancel junk mail, phone, gym etc
4) book families flights for wedding
5) organize mini-Europe trip for when family comes for wedding (Amsterdam or Berlin? Thoughts?)

So, needless to say, I cut straight to my blog!

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First Grade Delight


Tammy said...

Amsterdam all the way, but I'm biased since I've been there and haven't been to Berlin. (Actually, what about Florence? That's my all time favorite!) Enjoy!
Forever in First

travelingteacher said...

Tammy at Forever in First!!

I can't leave a comment on your blog because the word verification is giving me problems! I can't find an email address for you--would love to chat with you, especially about traveling!


Tammy said...

Hmm, that is very odd. Someone else was having troubles with commenting too, yet just yesterday someone was able to comment. Something is fishy. Anyway, my email is I'd love to chat about traveling.


Sandra said...

Hi!!! Yay another fellow Phoenician lol
I teach at Paradise Valley Unified School District!
Sweet Times in First

Miss T said...

I say Berlin (but only because I'm partial to Germany being 1/2 German visiting family over there)!

I'm a new follower!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Jess said...

Just joined your blog! Thank you for the free geometry resources!
Rambling About Reading

Anonymous said...

I would love to start a math journal.

travelingteacher said...

Hi anonymous, please have a look at a manual I wrote about using literacy and math journals in K-2 classrooms:

I wrote it as I wish it would have been explained to me when I first saw it overseas....hope it helps!