Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sneak peak: Place value pictures!

my visa application!!
Busy days and nights wowsa!! How are you all doing?!

Between working, gathering documents for my visa, planning wedding details (found my dress!), and all the teaching ideas in my head......there is so much to do!

I wanted to give a sneak peak of some of the Numbers and Base Ten ideas I'm working on to help make K-2 math journals a bit easier. I've created about 30 pages, but after reviewing a Common Core website for second grade NBT, I have more pages I'm working on before I put it on my TPT.

K-2 may seem like a wide range, but I think it's necessary for differentiating work and meeting the needs of the students.

Some of the matching activities can be played like a memory game at their seat first, and then glued into their journal the second time around. Some activities will be quicker than others (more time for math centers/stations!)

Off to bed! Hope you're all doing well : )



Tammy said...

That visa application looks like a monster!


travelingteacher said...

I know, right? I have never seen anything so detailed in my life. I had to make copies of every page in my passports (even blank pages)!

You had asked where I was--I'm in Sun City, Arizona currently...........will be heading to Wimbledon after visa is sorted.

How about you? Where are you living? If le Rey and I ever return to the States, we're not sure where it would be...any thoughts? (we like sunshine!)


Karen Potter said...

What is your TPT seller name?

~Jessica Hubble~ said...

LOVE this! Thanks for sharing! :)

I just started my teaching blog a week go...come on by

Tammy said...

Wimbledon! Oh, I'd love to visit simply because of the grass courts. I must see some tennis there some day. I'm in Idaho. We do have sun, but we also have four seasons. It's pretty mild though.

travelingteacher said...

Hi Karen,
I looked at my TPT store, and it seems to be the same name as my blog (tales from a traveling teacher)....I am new at this, so had to go and check myself : )

I have now added a link on my blog that takes you directly to my store. I only have a few items right now, but more are coming!


Mazza Dory said...

Just wondering about you math goal sheet. I am looking for something similar for maths, and would love to know what you do.