Sunday, December 4, 2011

HELP! My followers # is not going up!!??

I feel so thick when it comes to all this blog stuff!!!

I want so badly to join this world......but it seems like a clique that I'm excluded from : (

People have told me they've started "following" me, but under my Followers part of my blog, this number has not changed......I do not understand.

Please help......I feel quite defeated..........I will go and read through some more blog tutorials and see if I can join more "linky" parties and make more comments as I've been instructed to do.



YearntoLearn said...

I'm a follower. I even went in to manage the blogs I follow to check and you are one of them. However, I don't see my profile pic on your blog. Sometimes Bloggr has glitches with the Follower feature. On your blog it shows you have 12 followers, but when I go in to manage blogs I follow it shows your follower number is at 23. So I think you have more than 12 followers at the moment.


Yearn to Learn Blog

travelingteacher said...

Thanks Denise......that is so nice of you to check and get back to me, wow!

I will check and see why it's showing different numbers in different places, thanks.


Holly said...

It shows 23 for me...but that has happened to me with my blog. The numbers don't always jive. Blogger can be wonky!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!

travelingteacher said...

Thank you Holly : )

Kristin said...

I don't get it. How frustrating!!!!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher