Saturday, December 17, 2011

Taking Notes in Guided Rdg???

I forgot I had these Guided Reading Lesson Plans and Observation pages that I made a couple years ago.

I printed them this week, and thought some of you might like it : )

Also, I am dead tired tonight......what a long week! Someday, I will not wait until I am nearly asleep on my feet/zombie/eyes closing time of day to blog, and actually put some personality into this!

But I must quickly post tonight as I am super happy for 3 reasons:

1. A teacher at my school came to me and said she did the polling question with her kindergarten class and they loved it (she got the idea from my blog!!! So people are reading this!!! Hi Cindy!)

2. I have 30 followers now!!!

3. I get to sleep in tomorrow!

More blogging to come!

Click HERE and HERE to download the Guided Reading Plans


Ms. Chrissy B said...

Nice! I like the Guided Reading sheets - I just have a large index card for each kid to record anecdotal nots on and I file them in a recipe box when I fill them up, but I like the whole-group approach for planning the next lessons. Thank you!

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