Sunday, December 4, 2011

word family titles for literacy journal/portfolio


Well, as my previous post said: I'm not sure if there's many new people following.....ah well. I will continue to upload things that I make....if only for my teacher friends that I know use daily portfolios and also for myself as a place to keep my ideas!

                          I cleaned up the titles from what is                           
seen in the pictures so please download it if you want.

This is a way of doing word families into a portfolio/journal and will:
-eliminate at least half the paper as used in worksheets
-allows students to cut and shuffle around pictures to determine where to glue them
-get students writing

I showed a slightly differentiated activity above (higher students wrote the whole word, others wrote initial sound)..........there are various ways of doing this activity, and I haven't attached word family clipart as I figured most of have this a million times over. This title could also be used for looking at a word bank and writing words in correct column, etc.

I tried to leave it in in Word so they could be writeable/editable but the border didn't stay..... so it's HERE in PDF with a blank copy too.

Hope you like it : )


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