Thursday, August 2, 2012

Classroom pictures!!

I have really enjoyed seeing all the photos of your rooms--keep them coming!!

Schools don't start here until September, so I thought I would sift through some of my photos of things I've made or come across. I'm hoping next summer I will be in Arizona visiting so that I can help my friends in their classrooms-it's all I can do to not hop on a plane and get over there and sort, organize and copy stuff! : )

these pictures are mainly from beginning of the year kdg

ELD kdg: easy to change with each paper as mounting for student samples

organizing Focus Wall, WWWords, and some lit centers

the rules in pictures and student photos

a third grade pirate theme classroom I saw

Gotta run--can't wait to check out blogs later tonight and see your classroom photos! Enjoy watching the Olympics!

Kelli xx 


Miss Nelson said...

Come link up.

Jennifer Tilton said...

I enjoy seeing all the photos, too. I like your classroom-you are very organized!

Kelli said...

Thanks Jennifer. Aren't classroom photos fun?