Friday, August 24, 2012

Have you seen this teacher??!!

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I am the newest fan of this teacher!!!! He has so much enthusiasm and some great ideas.......I can't stop looking at all his tips on youtube!

I hope school is going well for everyone! I will be starting very soon at my new school! Wonder how it will go with teaching the UK curriculum for 9 & 10 yr olds?!

My husband and I have now moved flats (apartment) and are still setting everything husband has a lot of military uniforms and paperwork that need to be cleaned out! 

Here is a freebie for practicing concepts of print into journals. How is your day going?!! Would love to hear from you!

click on picture for freebie

Kelli xx


Renee S said...

I replied to your comment onmy blog but never know if people know I replied . ( I am new to blogging .. Haha ) That is so incredibly nice of you !! My email is Yay !!!

Love teacher tipster by the way .... He is awesome

Thanks again !

Renee S said...

Hey Kelli!

I just blogged about your blog on my blog! hahaha

Check out the post here!
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Kelli said...

you are the best Renee!