Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Common Core Freebie....

Wahoo!! I have started back to work and am busy again!!! More on that in the next post : )

Today.....with the sun shining here in England.......and I am still able to wear shorts and sandals (!!).......and I have a job again.........I am extra happy!

So here is a FLASH FREEBIE for you!

It's one of my favorite units: K-2 Geometry printables for journals/notebooks, etc. I think you will really like it! Have a look!

click on picture to download

As always, all I ask for is a comment/feedback if you download it........either here on my blog or at my TPT store......please don't just download it and say nothing : )

Have a great day!
Kelli xx


Renee S said...

Yay! I finally was able to grab one of your freebies!! Awesome! Thanks so much!

The Reading Corner

Kelli said...

Thanks Renee! Glad you stopped by!


Becky said...

I missed it! For some reason, your last 3 blog posts are just now showing up on my post feed (or whatever it's called). It's saying they all posted 6 hours ago...weird!


Kelli said...

Hi Becky! I learned today that my posts had not been going through the feeder-thing since Aug. 19th! It was a problem with!

Thanks for letting me know my posts came through today--that means my problem is fixed!! : )


Mrs. Brown said...

Okay, I missed it. I would have left some feedback though! Darn!

Megan said...

Looks awesome! Sorry I missed it!

Kelli said...

Hey ladies! I just posted another freebie since I had a problem with my feeder at the time and didn't know it!