Monday, August 13, 2012

Harcourt Storytown and some websites : )

Hello! I should really be in bed now, but I wanted to watch the closing ceremonies of the Olympics here in London-town! I watched so much Olympics during these past 2 weeks that I can actually say I am now over it! It was great though!

Well it seems I missed this big TPT sale that is finishing today--I just saw that everywhere today when I was catching up on blogs. Oh well : )  My husband and I are moving into a new flat/apartment and we spent the weekend painting, getting tools together and started our up-cycling projects! I am so excited to see what we can make with recycled wood, crates and pallets! So fun!

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I wanted to share some great resources I came across today. These links take you to some great task cards for second grade literacy centers for those using HARCOURT STORYTOWN.

 Alternative Name 

Task cards at Ms. Winston's website

Click here for the best Storytown website for K-1!!
-Smartboard resources
-Focus Wall printables
-Readers Theatre
-Speed drills
-Games and more!
(There was other grade level resources there, but I don't see it now?)

focus wall

Click here (one of my previous posts) for some early kindergarten Harcourt Storytown literacy center ideas!

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I started gathering websites that I think are great! Click here

I'm super tired! Good night!

Kelli xx


Tammy said...

I've thought of you over the past few weeks and wondered what it's like to be practically in the heart of the olympics.

❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Heidi said...

Hoping things with your move are going well and not too stressful for you :)

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Kelli said...

thanks for the comments ladies!

Tammy-it was amazing to be here for the Olympics! It's all we could talk about here!

Heidi-thank you......moving hasn't been as bad as I thought. very blessed.