Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh Kindergarten........

Oh kindergarten teachers, my thoughts are with you as you start/started the school year.

I have taught several years of kindergarten in the past, and while I do love it...........I have to be honest and say I do not love the first day. (don't hate me)

Here is why:
-the crying (kids and parents)
-the screaming crying
-the vomiting (from the anxiety)
-the "runners" (the ones that run after their parents when they leave)
-the screaming crying
-hovering parents peeking through the window
-dismissal (ah!! don't run off!)
-the screaming crying

Please don't misinterpret this as a negative kindergarten rant.....I really DO love kindergarten! I just think the first day [depends on the kiddos] can be exceptionally difficult...............which leads me to some  


First Up:These awesome you tube videos for counting!

Next: Beginning of Kinder Journals/Notebooks/Portfolios:

click on picture for free 7 page document

 Concepts of Print for Journals:

I also saw that Jennifer, at Kindertrips

has a Concepts of Print freebie too, so go check her out here!

Lots of love Kinder teachers!!  
xx Kelli 


Andi said...

I love all of these! Thanks so much for sharing!

Kelli said...

Thanks for stopping by Andi-glad to hear you like it!


stacy james said...

I really like your post. Thanks for this fantastic post. Keep posting more on kindergarten ahead.

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